About WIIX

There are many different cryptocurrencies which varies in functions and features. WIIX is unique as it integrates and interlinks the fiat currencies with cryptocurrencies. WIIX will exponentially increase the number of accepting stores and users.


What is WIIX Pay?

There has been efforts to overcome the severe price volatility by issuing a cryptocurrency of which price is tethered to 1 USD.  WIIX PAY can resolve the problem by adopting the Smart Contract which is based on the Ethereum blockchain technology.

How it works?

WIIX is maximizing value by expanding customer base and providing convenience. WIIX is doing its best to provide the world’s top payment and settlement solution for both member stores and customers.

Credit Card Slip Bond Service

The solution for the credit card slip bond buy and sell service improves cash flow by paying the settlement cost very next day. Member store settlement can be made in either WIIX PAY or fiat currency.

Supply & Demand

  • Smooth cash flow of a member store by Credit card slip bond service
  • Pioneer a new O2O financial market
  • A service connected to credit card payment
  • WIIX PAY can be opted as the payment method

How It Works



Many stores will benefit from our Account receivables purchasing service and ATM service (Fiat and WIIX)


WIIX PAY will be equal to the fiat currency even in the high volatility of cryptocurrency trading market.


Users can use WIIX CARD at the stores where WIIX PAY terminal is not implemented.


Various Fin-Tech services in WIIX MOBILE APP will maximize the user experience.


WIIX PAY will merge the boundaries between cryptocurrency and fiat currency so they will be compatable to each other.


WIIX Platforms will be the foundation for even further expansion of services.

Advisers & Team Members

Road Map



  • Coin Symbol: WXC
  • Total Supply: 2,100,000,000 WIIX
  • For Dividend: 1,000,000,000 WIIX
  • Stage 1 from 02/01/2018: $0.06
  • Stage 2 from 02/16/2018: $0.07
  • Stage 3 from 03/01/2018: $0.08
  • Stage 4 from 03/16/2018: $0.09
  • Stage 5 from 04/01/2018: $0.10
  • Stage 6 from 04/16/2018: $0.11

What will happen after the WIIX Success Project?

After the Success Project, WIIX Coin will be transacted in the virtual currency exchange market. The owner of a WIIX Coin can either start a transaction at the market price or get the revenue by selling the WIIX Coin.

How do you select an exchange market?

There are many exchange markets that provide various options for deposits and withdrawals,transactions, fees, etc. The user should choose the most appropriate exchange market for themselves.

How do you start a transaction?

The owner of a Coin needs to register an account on the website of the virtual currency exchange market to start transactions. A message requesting encryption decoding will be displayed.


WIIX Exchange’s Branch Manager System for each Country

Benefits of Branch Manager for each Country

Up to 10% of the fee is paid depending on the daily transaction amount Support receiving and sending jobs, platform operation, advertising/promotion, customer service, etc. in the field Support independent White Label domain

Qualifications for Branch Manager for each Country

The branch manager for each country has 2,000,000 WIIX The daily transaction amount of the branch manager for each country is USD 1 million or higher

Apply for Branch Manager


Blog & News


[기사 링크] 세계 금융시장 급변 .핀테크 기반 윅스(WIIX) 지급결제 시스템 완성

안녕하세요? 저희 WIIX 프로젝트에 관심과 성원을 보내주시는 회원 여러분들께 감사드립니다. 여러분의 기대에 부응하기 위하여, 저희  모든 WIIX 팀멤버들은 최선을 다하여 프로젝트를 추진하고 있습니다. 최근에, 아래와 같이 저희 WIIX 프로젝트를 소개하는 기사가 게재되었기에 소개드립니다. 감사합니다. 출처: 세계 금융시장 급변 .핀테크 기반 윅스 (wiix) 지급결제 시스템 완성   지금도 세계 금융시장이 급변하고 있다.핀테크를 기반으로 금융서비스와 글로벌 결제 시스템의 변화를…

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