O2O Integrated Payment
Blockchain Solution

WIIX provides a global payment system and an O2O platform that enables a more convenient and integrated management system. With competitive differentiation technology, we constantly look to make it faster, more reliable, and more convenient to use.

Main Features

These are features we are constantly thinking about to provide a solution. We are working with experts in various fields for better service.


To be used conveniently in more places, we are continuing to increase offline affiliates as well as online affiliates


We seek a flexible system that can integrate with all kinds of payment systems around the world.


WIIX continues to expand and network with experts in other fields and within the company to bring services to more users.



Our goal is to change the existing merchant favor market to a more horizontal structure of both merchants and consumers by cooperating with Kocomex, WIIX's technical partner. WIIX contributes to the Centum platform by providing a cryptocurrency payment system and a safe and fast payment service.


Service App

All WIIX services are supported in all major OS so that you can experience it on mobile. The services provided will continue to expand.

  • WIIX Wallet


Take a look at what WIIX has been up to and what we are preparing for the future


Partnership with Kocomex Co., Ltd.


WIIX Wallet Release


WIIX Centum Platform Payment System


Entering the Global Payment System Market


FrigateChain Testnet launch


FrigateChain Mainnet launch



We have formed a team of experts with extensive experience in various fields and continue to strive for the best

  • Hayong Jin is a serial entrepreneur in digital and fintech. He is the WIIX Project CEO with vast experience in the development, marketing, integration, and planning of various businesses. He majored in electrical engineering, started his career at LG, and is currently overseeing blockchain-related solutions and expanding his business interests in energy and biofields.

Hayong Jin

CEO, Founder

  • Wonjin Choi is a lead developer who specializes in blockchain application models. He has been working with blockchain technology since 2018 and is active in multiple blockchain communities. Some of the blockchain technologies projects include crypto exchange, crypto wallet, masternode, and crypto custody.

Wonjin Choi

Lead Developer

  • Taesoo Song is a lead developer who specialized in web/app development and blockchain integration. Song has developed several Dapps and has worked on multiple projects integrating blockchain technology to applications. Some of the integration includes medical Dapp, crypto exchange, crypto wallet, and energy Dapp.

Taesoo Song


  • Jenicks is a senior programmer and technical consultant in Osiz technologies private limited in India. Jenicks has a master`s in computer science and has managed and developed programs in the crypto industry for five years. Jenicks supervised and completed over 100+ ICOs and exchange websites globally.

Jenicks Raja


  • Jongmin is an Assistant Developer who specializes in cryptocurrency creation and integration. Jongmin monitors multiple cryptocurrency wallets and integrates various functions. Jongmin is also a lead marketing manager who loves to interact with people around the country. He went to university in the United State, majoring in mathematics and minoring in chemistry. Jongmin has developed and integrated point-of-sale (POS) systems throughout United States. He has worked on various blockchain projects since 2017 and is active in blockchain community.

Jongmin Kim


  • Youjin Lee is a lead designer who specializes in web designing and graphics work. She has designed various website templates and has contributed to multiple graphics for whitepapers for blockchain technologies. She also works on graphics for website designs and marketing.

Youjin Lee


  • Of icos bring their solutions to the market successfully. Mike templeman (adviser) is the ceo of foxtail marketing, a digital content marketing firm specializing in b2b saas. He is passionate about tech, marketing and small business. When not typing away at his keyboard, he can be found spending time with his kids. He is a seasoned cryptocurrency researcher and strategist who has helped dozens.

Junghyeok Ahn


  • Mike Templeman (Adviser) is the CEO of Foxtail Marketing, a digital content marketing firm specializing in B2B SaaS. He is passionate about tech, marketing, and small business. When not typing away at his keyboard, he can be found spending time with his kids. He is a seasoned cryptocurrency researcher and strategist. He has helped dozens of ICOs bring their solutions to the market successfully.

Mike Templeman


  • Punith is a senior business consultant in Osiz technologies private limited in India. Punith has a master`s degree in business management and has been in the cryptocurrency business for seven years, helping cryptocurrency-based startups develop and flourish. He has delivered more than 100+ projects globally

Punith Baskaran



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