Youngjun Jung – CEO of Now&Pay

Mr Jung is a CEO of Now&Pay Company. He has graduated with public administration degree and worked at Samsung domestic sales division. After he left Samsung he started a soundtrack company called Cyber Production. Mr Jung also started credit card VAN business in 1999 and from 2000 he was CEO of Auto Information Solution, Auto…

Hayong Jin – CEO

Mr Jin is CEO of WIIX Success Project who has vast experience in development, marketing, integration, and planning of many different businesses. He graduated university majoring in electric engineering and started his company life in LG. He is overseeing whole cryptocurrency development and crypto related solution development. He is currently a CEO of many different companies including IFUTURES (cryptocurrency/crypto…

Jenicks Raja – Developer

Jenick is a senior programmer and technical consultant in Osiz Techologies Private Limited in India. Jenicks has Masters in Computer Science and has been managing and developing programs in crypto industry for 5 years. Jenicks supervised and completed over 100+ ICO and exchange websites globally.

Punith Baskaran – Coordinator

Punith is a senior business consultant in Osiz Technologies Private Limited in India. Punith has Masters Degree in Business Management and has been in cryptocurrency business for 7 years helping cryptocurrency based startup to develop and flourish. He has delivered more than 100+ projects globally.

Calvin Lee – Marketing Manager

Calvin is Marketing Team Manager. He graduated from Hanbat national Univ. and worked for HANKOOK Tire Co., Ltd. Calvin has been an active voice in assisting and growing multiple crypto projects through Reddit communities.

Joe Kim – Developer

Joe is an assistant developer who specializes in cryptocurrency creation and integration. Joe monitors multiple cryptocurrency wallets and integrates various functions. Joe is also a lead marketing manager who loves to interact with people around the country. He went to university in United State majoring in mathematics and minoring in chemistry. Joe has developed and…

Hojun Lee – Lead Developer

Lee is a lead developer who specializes in blockchain application models. Lee administers cryptocurrency global exchange optimization. He graduated from university with computer science degree. Lee worked at a bank where he implemented online banking and financial network integration. Lee managed and developed CMS system at VAN.

Raekeun Lee – Project Leader

Lee is an expert in blockchain who specializes in financial and technical side. Lee managed multiple cryptocurrency interfaces and came up with security designs for cryptocurrency. He graduated university with computer science degree. He started working in a bank supervising online banking and integrations. He then co-found digital finance company where he oversaw CD/ATM development.…

Johnny Yoon – Researcher

Johnny Yoon majored in chemical engineering in college, but he has been involved with and worked in the IT industries since the late 1990’s. He worked as a network & security engineer in the United States since 1995 for banks, insurance companies, and real estate companies. He also worked as a system engineer for a factory automation company. For…

Mike Templeman – Adviser

Mike Templeman (Adviser) is the CEO of Foxtail Marketing, a digital content marketing firm specializing in B2B SaaS. He is passionate about tech, marketing and small business. When not typing away at his keyboard, he can be found spending time with his kids. He is a seasoned cryptocurrency researcher and strategist who has helped dozens…